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Founded in 2007, Students for Liberty (SFL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students and student organizations in the goal of advancing liberty in the United States and globally. SFL is a student-driven organization that provides training, networking opportunities, and educational resources for students nationwide; it has quickly become one of the most prominent and revered groups in the student liberty movement, a transnational, youth-led movement rooted in a range of libertarian philosophies, from Objectivism to Austrian Economics, but more broadly committed to expanding economic, social, and intellectual freedom. Members of the liberty movement have created a vibrant online community and utilize diverse media practices to share their love of liberty and fandom of libertarian theorists.
SFL sustains this robust network through its Campus Coordinator Program and its regional conferences across the world. 
According to the SFL website, Students for Liberty is an organization that supports liberty for all people. SFL does not dictate the foundations upon which individuals justify their belief in liberty. Rather, Students for Liberty embraces the diversity of  justifications for liberty and encourages debate and discourse on the differing philosophies that underlie liberty. What Students for Liberty endorses are the principles that comprise liberty: 
Economic freedom to choose how to provide for one's life; 
Social freedom to choose how to live one's life; and 
Intellectual and academic freedom. 
See Liana Gamber-Thompson's By Any Media Necessary chapter, "Bypassing the Ballot Box," to learn more about Students for Liberty. 
Also, check out Dorian Electra's work, rooted in Austrian economics, a popular philosophy within the Student Liberty Movement. 
You can contact Kelly Barber, SFL's Copywriting and Web Development Associate at for more information on the organization. 
Contributed by Liana Gamber-Thompson on 5/10/14

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