By Any Media Necessary: Mapping Youth and Participatory Politics

Conversation Starter Topic: Public vs. Private in the Digital Age

This is the original prompt that the MAPP project shared with Pivot TV and HitRECord in creating the Public vs. Private video:
How might activists assess risks, especially those concerning privacy and security, as they share their stories online? 
In a widely shared critique of so-called “Twitter Revolutions,” The New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell argues that online activists do not face the same kinds of risks as previous generations faced in their struggles for civil rights. Yet, we are finding that there are high risks for, say, undocumented who post videos coming out via YouTube or American Muslim youth who use social media to think through their identities in the Post-9/11 era. Many of these risks emerge as these youth make choices about the bounds between publicity (“coming out,” “speaking out”) and privacy, which are similar to more mundane choices confronting all youth in the era of Twitter and Facebook.

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