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Random Hacks of Kindness


Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global initiative of over 5,500 technology practitioners in over 30 countries working together to make the world a better place by "developing practical, open source technology solutions to respond to some of the most complex challenges facing humanity." 
One of the key events used by Random Hacks of Kindness is the "hackathon."After a problem/issue has been identified, hackers come together during the hackathon to find creative solutions/projects that are then implemented in partnership with global and regional companies and organizations. 
"That narrative of putting competition aside for a minute and really working together to collaborate and build things that help people and to really embed them within local communities really took hold. So we saw a huge growth in [Random Hacks of Kindness], and people really grasped on to that narrative of collaboration over competition and using whatever skills you have to make a difference in your local community."
-Thea Aldrich, "Spreading Your Story" webinar
Random Hacks of Kindness is also a leader in the field of "apps competitions," where technologists compete to create innovative apps for good.  Learn more about RHoK's goals, read their in-depth 2013 Report, and explore the organization's core beliefs here.  You can register to join Random Hacks of Kindness here and find out more about their projects here
Contributed by Liana Gamber-Thompson on 5/10/14

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RHoK in East Africa
National Day of Day of Civic Hacking

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