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Rails Girls


Rails Girls started as an initiative to offer girls and women the tools to use technology in order to build and create their own ideas. Originally started in Finland in 2010, Rails Girls is now an international phenomenon with events all over the world as well as an international Summer of Code that takes place across various locales around the globe.
Rails Girls and its affiliated events rely on Rails on Ruby, an open-source coding software, as the means by which to encourage girls to build and create their own programs, applications, websites, and expand their skill sets.
Perhaps the most important feature of this growing project is that they offer materials, toolkits and instructions on the website for anyone to organize their own Rails Girls event. The easiest way to get involved is to reach out to a specific chapter in your region. Check the updates on their blog, follow them on twitter, and look for upcoming events in your city - or organize one yourself!
Contributed by Raffi Sarkissian on 7/16/14

Rails Girls Media

Ruby-on Rails Workshop
Rails Girls Summer of Code
Rails Girls in Krakow, Poland

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