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Peter Fein


Peter Fein is an internet activist, computer programmer, and media hacker. Peter first got involved in large-scale political activism through Anonymous, helping organize the Wikileaks protests that took place on January 15, 2011. He has since become one of the public faces of Anonymous, the decentralized network of hacker activists. 
Peter has also been involved with Telecomix, an international collaborative network of people providing Internet support for activists in countries like Egypt, Iran, Syria, and other Middle Eastern and politically unstable countries with compromised access to Internet and social media. Telecomix helped organize the ACTA protests and brought change to international law on surveillance technology after catching a US company selling censorship gear to Syria. Watch Peter talk about his involvement with Anonymous and Telecomix in this BBC interview.
Peter predominantly works and contributes through code and open-source software, like Twiggy, PetaPass, and PlayerPiano
Follow Peter @wearpants.
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Peter Fein Media 

Peter Fein on Democracy Now!
"Democracy is Obsolete" - 2012 Personal Democracy Forum 

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