By Any Media Necessary: Mapping Youth and Participatory Politics

Teaching Teachers: Nicole

We met Nicole when she was teaching a pre-service teacher education class at the USC education school as a UCLA postdoctoral scholar and member of the UCLA Writing Project.

In this video, she walks us through how she incorporates digital media and civic engagement in her lessons, and how she challenges and encourages the pre-service teachers she works with to teach civic and digital literacy in their own future classes, no matter what subject they plan on teaching. 

In her presentation, she shares planning documents and teaching templates (via Digital Is) as she makes the case for the value of this pedagogy, deftly using media related to current events at the time, including Facebook flagging articles as satire for its users, and media associated with the massacre at French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, to further illustrate the importance of all teachers finding ways to teach engaged citizenship and media literacy. Nicole also makes direct connections to Common Core state and national standards, and discusses educating teachers early on in their careers to think of themselves as civics and literacy educators who are capable of incorporating these themes and digital media and technology into their classrooms.

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