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Level Ground


Level Ground is national non-profit organization that utilizes art to create a safe space for dialogue about faith, gender, and sexuality. It is among the group's mission to use this platform to cultivate a better way of speaking to one another across differences and disagreements. The cornerstone project of this organization is an annual film and arts festival in Pasadena, California, the first of its kind to be programmed at the intersection of faith and LGBT issues. The annual program includes panels and unique opportunities for dialogue with prominent leaders, writers, artists, and theologians. 
Level Ground originated from the first officially-sanctioned LGBT student organization, Open Table, of any Evangelical seminary at Fuller in Southern California. Within a year of its founding in 2012, Open Table, led by students Chelsea McInturff and Samantha Curley, had facilitated monthly dinners for student dialogue on faith and sexuality, hosted a documentary screening of Love Free or Die, and realized the need to create Level Ground.
In addition to the annual film festival, Level Ground also works directly with filmmakers and artists to fun projects and create dialogue around them, organizes a road show tour of locally programmed festivals in cities across the country (reaching Chicago, Portland, and New York in 2014), and consulting with churches, schools, and oher groups looking to engage in this dialogue.
In addition to their stationed festival programming, Level Ground also uploads various filmed interviews with supporting artists and faith leaders online. For more information about Level Ground's year-round programming, visit their website, check out their facebook page, follow them on twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

Level Ground Media

Conversation with supporting artist Brian Behm
Conversation with supporting artist Don Nocon
Panel talk on Theology, gender, and sexuality

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