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Invisible Children


Invisible Children (IC) is a youth-driven media-based humanitarian organization for peace and development in Uganda that employs what Stephen Duncombe calls "ethical spectacle" to engage participants. IC has its roots in a documentary film created by three founders which encourages young audiences to participate and take action. Participatory in its approach, IC includes members in the generation of ideas, materials, and incorporates them in the media products themselves.
See Sangita Shresthova's By Any Media Necessary chapter on IC, "Watch 30 Minute Video on the Internet, Become Social Activist" for more on the organization.
You can also check out some of the MAPP team's interviews with attendees of IC's 2013 Fourth Estate Summit as well as some of IC's original media below.  
Contributed by Sangita Shresthova on 5/10/14

Invisible Children Media

MAPP 2013 Fourth Estate Interview 1 
MAPP 2013 Fourth Estate Interview 2
MAPP 2013 Fourth Estate Interview 3 
MAPP 2013 Fourth Estate Interview 4 
KONY 2012
MOVE: Invisible Children's New Film from the Creators of Kony 2012
2013 Fourth Estate Summit //Day 3// Samantha Power, Sophia Bush & more
Who Is the LRA? 

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