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About is a networking and organizing tool that developed in response to the need for organizers across the country and internationally to inform and coordinate about local, regional, and national Occupy Wall Street events. Once the movement started spreading, the need for a robust communication network became apparent. Through a series of open conference calls starting in September of 2011, organizers from New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and Kalamazoo, among others, decided there needed to be a discussion and collaboration on large-scale direct action. By November, they had registered the domain and started the infrastructural work of coalition building across many different chapters and issues within the larger Occupy Movement.
"You have to think about your networks as part of your repertoire and toolkit." 
-Joan Donoavan, "Considering Your Story's Afterlife" Webinar
Today, is still linking participants and collaborators with one another. The website features a host of services including: requesting a conference call to ascertain interest in a local or regional action or organization; starting a hub to bring together an existing group and keep them informed through the site's resources; submitting relevant articles and write-ups to the blog-type newswire featured on the home page; compiling a calendar of all events connected through InterOccupy hubs; efficient ways to connect with other hubs and organizers across the movement.
Check out some of the videos featuring full meetings from both local Occupy groups and a General Assembly. Follow InterOccupy on Twitter.
Contributed by Raffi Sarkissian on 5/10/14

InterOccupy Media 

InterOccupy General Assembly Meeting
InterOccupy, Occupy Sandy Meeting 
InterOccupy in Kalamazoo 


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