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Hollaback! is a non-profit and movement to end street harassment. It is comprised of a network of local activists around the world working together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. 
Here's a helpful explanation of street harassment from the Hollaback! website
Street harassment is a form of sexual harassment that takes place in public spaces. At its core is a power dynamic that constantly remind historically subordinated groups (women and LGBTQ folks, for example) of their vulnerability to assault in public spaces. 
To empower victims of street harassment, Hollaback! launched a smartphone/web app that enables users to document, map, and share incidents of street harassment. People in 79 cities and 26 countries have used the app, which helps victims quickly share posts about incidents. This documentation not only helps victims of street harassment know that they are not alone, but it has also revealed harassment "hot spots" in many cities in areas with high pedestrian traffic. 
The Hollaback! movement also extends beyond the app. They encourage people to document their experiences and share their stories in other formats (many stories are featured on their website in blog format, for instance), shift public opinion, and engage elected officials to address street harassment in their communities. 
Resources for educators include Harassment Is: An Exploration of Identity and Street Harassment, which uses stories from the Hollaback! site to illustrate how individual's intersecting identities inform how they experience street harassment, and Holla 101: An Educator's Guide to Street Harassment, which helps teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and other educators who work with youth address issues around street harassment.
Learn more about how you can get involved in the Hollaback! movement on their Facebook page, or by emailing
Contributed by Liana Gamber-Thompson on 7/15/14

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