By Any Media Necessary: Mapping Youth and Participatory Politics

Dorian Electra

"Especially in a time of economic recession, there's no more important time to actually understand economics than today. And it's not easy to understand a lot of competing theories about what happened with the economic crash, but it's really important to be educated. It's not always fun. So through using music and catchy music videos, which I just enjoy on their own, I wanted to share that with people." 
-Dorian Electra, "Making Your Story" webinar 


Dorian Electra is a young artist who is passionate about educating others about political and economic themes that are often complex (and maybe even a little boring!) in a fun and engaging way. She collaborates with fellow artists to create original songs and videos on topics like Supply and Demand and Austrian Economics
One of her most popular videos is a love song to the economist, Friedrick Hayek. Dorian's most recent effort, in collaboration with the Moving Picture Institute (MPI), is a lesson on central banking in the U.S. and monetary expansion policies. It's called FA$T CA$H. 
Watch all of Dorian's videos on her YouTube Channel, and learn more about her projects at her website
Read about young libertarians like Dorian Electra and their take on politics in the digital age in Liana Gamber-Thompson's By Any Media Necessary chapter, Bypassing the Ballot Box
Contributed by Liana Gamber-Thompson on 5/10/14

Dorian Electra Media 

I'm in Love with Friedrich Hayek
Roll with the Flow  
Supply & Demand Rap: WE GOT IT 4 CHEAP

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