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"I place great value on the immediate impact a piece has and the fact that it can make people think, make people reconsider their assumptions, and make people share it with their friends. I'm okay that a week later the hive mind has moved on."
-Andy Warner, "Making Your Story" Webinar 


Andy Warner is a San Francisco-based cartoonist and journalist. He uses both fiction and non-fiction genres to illustrate politically conscious storytelling. His comics have been published by  Slate, American Public Media, Symbolia, KQED,, Generation Progress and The Cartoon Picayune.

Warner's non-fiction comics range from the informational "Brief history of Everyday Objects" to the more politically conscious  "Ballot Battles: The Voting Rights Act," and several focusing on issues and histories of Lebanon and Syria, most recently his Slate-published comic on the continuing Syrian refugee crisis, The Displaced. Warner's work also includes his award-winning "The Man Who Built Beirut," "Squirrel," and "A Ghost." He is also co-founder of Irene, an art collective that puts out a . Check out the Irene. Follow Andy Warner's tumbler and twitter for more comics.

Contributed by Raffi Sarkissian on 5/10/14

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The Displaced

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